Dheepan to open IFFCOLOMBO 2015


To escape the civil war in Sri Lanka, a former soldier, a young woman and a little girl pose as a family. They end up settling in a housing project outside Paris. They barely know one another, but try to build a life together.


Dheepan with Cannes Award
Dheepan Still- 1
Dheepan- Poster
Dheepan Director
Director with Cannes Award



Dheepan: Antonythasan Jesuthasan

Yalini: Kalieaswari Srinivasan

Illayaal: Claudine Vinasithamby

Brahim: Vincent Rottiers

Youssouf: Marc Zinga



Director: Jacques Audiard

Screenplay: Noé Debré, Thomas Bidegain, Jacques Audiard

DP: Eponine Momenceau

Editor: Juliette Welfling

Creative collaboration: Héléna Klotz

Original Music: Nicolas Jaar

Production Designer: Michel Barthélémy (a.d.c.)

Costume Designer: C. Bourrec

Sound editing: Valérie Deloof

Sound Editor: Daniel Sobrino

Mix: Cyril Holtz

Casting: Philippe Elkoubi, Mohamed Belhamar

Continuity: Nathalie Vierny

1st Assistant Director: Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux

Line Producer: Martine Cassinelli