Among the major public attractions of IFFCOLOMBO2014, A Glimpse of Our Cinema is an important event which will capture the journey of the Sri Lankan Cinema of 67years. This exhibition is designed to showcase the evolution of our cinema, not only through archived photographs, but also by exhibiting some rare artifacts and equipment used in cinema art.

The exhibition is jointly organized by IFFCOLOMBO2014, in association with The Government Film Unit, National Film Corporation and the National Film, Television and Sound Archives. These partners will enrich the exhibition bydisplaying their collection of images, documents, equipment, artifacts and important literature on cinema. The exhibition will be further enhanced by the exhibits by the Art Directors’ Association; their collection of designs, models, equipment and tools used in constructing film sets and wardrobes. Equipment such as tracks, dollies, mini-cranes, rain and wind machines used in film shooting will also be on display at this unique exhibition. A live demonstration on Film make-up and hair stylingwill also be carried out at the venue.

As the first of its kind, this exhibition is undoubtedly going to be an extra-ordinary experience for cinema lovers, students and the general public.

Dates : 3rd -7th September
Venue : Department of National Archives, Philip GunawardanaMawatha, Colombo 07.

(Adjoining the National Archives building, located between Independence Avenue and Philip GunawardanaMawatha).