NETPAC Award for Best Sri Lankan Feature Film – IFFCOLOMBO 2015



Philip Cheah (Singapore) – Chairperson

Morteza Farshbaf (Iran)

Ms. Li Liang (China)


Celebrating 25 Years of Asian Cinema Promotion

We are pleased to announce that NETPAC is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015.

Over a period of 25 years, NETPAC has established itself as the leading platform for the discovery and promotion of Asian cinema.

NETPAC has been responsible for bringing the works of young, unknown filmmakers in to international attention, enabling them to develop talents and obtain funding for their future works, thenceforth enhancing their reputation. This is achieved through the NETPAC Award which is now given at 44 film festivals in 30 countries throughout the world.

NETPAC publishes Cinemaya, the Asian film quarterly, and books and pamphlets on Asian cinema which facilitate dialogues on Asian cinema for scholars, academics, critics, journalists, also serving as an invaluable reference tool for cineastes, researchers, film programmers and festival directors.

NETPAC has also organized conferences and seminars with general and specific themes on Asian cinema

The NETPAC Board

Aruna Vasudev (Founder/President) – India

Jeannette Hereniko Paulson (Vice President) – USA

Philip Cheah (Vice President) – Singapore

Ashley Ratnavibhushana (Executive Director/Jury Coordinator) – Sri Lanka

Wong Tuck Cheong (Honorary Secretary) – Malaysia

Ranjanee Midigaspage (Treasurer) – Sri Lanka

Anne Demy- Geroe (Board Member) – Australia

Mohammad Attebai (Board Member) – Iran

Sun Shaoyi (Board Member) – China

Gulnara Abikeyeva (Board Member) – Kazakhstan

Bina Paul Venugopal (Board Member) – India