Period: November 6th to November 12th
The International Film Festival Colombo is hereafter referred to as IFFCOLOMBO


All films selected and invited for the Competition must meet the following conditions:
(1)Films must be those completed after January 2014.
(2)The Asian, World and International Premieres are given priority at IFFCOLOMBO.
(3)Feature films (including animation) must be running over 60 minutes.
(5)Running time of the short films must be less than 60 minutes.
(4)Documentary (short and feature) films are eligible.
(5)All the films which are in their original languages except English should be subtitled in English.


IFFCOLOMBO will award the following in accordance with the decision of the International Competition Jury.
-Best Film
-Special Jury Award (for the producer and the director)
-Honorary Jury Mention

Entry for Pre-Selection

Entry Form must be submitted through Festival’s website:
(1)Those who are qualified according to the conditions hereinabove may apply to the Competition by submitting the references and materials requested.
(2)There is no submission fee for entry.
(3)The result of Pre-Selection will be notified to the applicant with the details of required materials (Digital Photo Data, press kit, printed posters etc.). The address and other necessary information will be provided after the notification.


The submission deadlines are as follows;
Full length feature/documentary -30 September 2015.
Short length feature/documentary -20 August 2015.

The festival accepts online screeners for pre-selection. But please note that it is mandatory to send the DVD if the film is selected or if applying for competition.

Once the submission process is completed you will receive an email confirming the submission along with your registration number in IFFCOLOMBO.

*The registration number is your identification in IFFCOLOMBO and must be referred to in all occasions thereafter.

** It is MANDATORY to mark the registration number on EVERY MATERIAL(DVDs and other documents) that you send to IFFCOLOMBO. Any material which is sent without a registration number will be rejected by the committee.

Please send the DVDs and other relevant materials marked with the registration number to the address below.

International Film Festival Colombo 2015
No. 185,
Havelock Road,
Colombo 05,
Sri Lanka.

ARTICLE 8: Understanding & Acceptance

Participants in the Competition are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the rules and regulations of IFFCOLOMBO.

Please note that once a film is submitted to the festival it cannot be withdrawn.
All inquiries to:
Festival manager: +94 777 42 11 23